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Merrilyn Goos, Professor of Education, University of the Sunshine Coast, QLD, Australia

Working with teachers to develop numeracy across the curriculum

Tuesday 3 May 2022 7-8pm AEST

Merrilyn Goos

The meaning of numeracy has evolved over time from a narrow focus on quantitative thinking to the more expansive definition of numeracy as a general capability that must be developed in all learning areas of the Australian curriculum. However, much work still needs to be done to provide practical support for teachers to recognise the numeracy demands and opportunities in the subjects they teach. This presentation draws on a 15-year research and professional development program that developed strategies for embedding numeracy across the primary and secondary school curriculum. It aims to stimulate discussion on the meaning of numeracy in cross-curricular contexts, and will examine the inherent numeracy demands of different learning areas. It will also share examples of tasks that teachers have successfully used to create numeracy learning opportunities for their students, and an online resource with video vignettes of lessons in a range of subjects and school levels to show what numeracy can look like in real classrooms.

In this session you will learn about a rich model of numeracy that has been tested and used by teachers from early primary to junior secondary years, in all school systems, and across learning areas in the F-10 curriculum

AITSL Standards Addressed:
2.5 Literacy and numeracy strategies

Session complete. Recording available via ACSA Webinars on Demand.