ACSA Webinars
Term 3

Scott Dirix, Head of School and Kim Brady, Assistant Head of School, Indie School

Stories from flexible learning: Our unfolding understanding from the 'unheard'

Tuesday 14 September 2021 7-8pm AEST

PLEASE NOTE:  This session was originally scheduled for 7pm Wednesday 25th August. Unfortunately, due to unforeseen circumstances, we have rescheduled this webinar to 7pm Tuesday 14th September.

Scott Dirix and Kim Brady


Pat Conroy says, 'the most powerful words in English are: tell me a story'. As teachers, we harness the power of stories on a daily basis as we seek to deepen our students' understanding and appreciation of the world. How often, though, do we let our students and their stories deepen our understanding and appreciation of the world?

At Indie School Elizabeth, we are committed to spending the first 12 months of operation in our new school deeply listening to our young people and the wisdom contained within their stories. Through engaging in a 'pedagogy of listening', our alternative learning program has been built on the stories of our students as they have helped us understand our priorities.

In this webinar, Scott and Kim will share the wisdom of their young people, in their own voices, and use these stories to discuss their key priorities in developing a successful alternative learning program.

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