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Measuring student wellbeing 2

Kerry White, Principal Holy Family Catholic School 

Measuring student wellbeing - a case study

Tuesday 26 May 2020 7-8pm AEST 


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Join us for this webinar where Primary school Principal Kerry White, Commbank Teaching award winner and his team transformed the mindset of their northern Adelaide school community to one in which students perform at 13% above the state average for learning engagement. Following on from Mathew White's introductory session on Measuring student wellbeing, Kerry will offer a case study and some insight via Holy Family's successful shift. In parallel with this change, the school designed and constructed new learning areas, an Early Learning Centre, Fish Farm and Aquaponics Centre. Currently in the design phase is their latest building "Curiosity Central" a new $4m Learning Hub linking the school to the Fish Farm and the Early Learning Centre. Changes in thinking are reflected in changes in architecture which then inspires new thinking.
Kerry drew on research and training to work with teachers, staff and families on shifting the mindset that students could not do better, to one of believing that they were highly capable of learning using a strengths-based approach. Part of the transformation has been to focus on measuring student wellbeing, quantitatively and qualitatively, using it to develop strategy and shift the school to one in which "positive education" and "unconditional positive regard" are now embedded in the fabric of the school.


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