ACSA Webinars
Webinar samples

You might be wondering what an ACSA webinar is like.

Check out these YouTube clips showing excerpts from great webinars delivered in 2016.

Dan Haesler "Teaching kids to stretch" (date: 25 February 2016)

This webinar explored how educators can better develop a 'growth mindset' amongst their students and schools. Too many of our students believe they can't learn, while some don't feel the need to learn. How can teachers challenge these mindsets?

Kevin Lowe "How 'Australian' is the Australian Curriculum" (date: 3 March 2016)

This presentation critiques the Aboriginal and Torres Strait Islander content from the history curriculum and analyses how this articulation inherently influences classroom pedagogic and assessment practices.

Lisa Hayman "Leading 'globally connected-Asia engaged' schools" (date: 9 March 2016)

Students today face a fast changing world driven by globalisation, people mobility and the rise of Asia. To ensure students have the work place capabilities required for future success it is essential that they are equipped with the Asia capabilities and intercultural understandings essential for the 21st century.