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ACSA Curriculum Services

The Australian Curriculum Studies Association (ACSA) has for many years provided curriculum related services in a variety of contexts. As a professional association ACSA has the expertise and experience to provide curriculum development services, professional learning programs, event management and research services.

Curriculum development

Whether you need a teacher resource manual, student texts, units of work for the classroom, a resource kit, a website or online learning activities, ACSA can work with you to develop an engaging and relevant resource that references the appropriate curriculum documentation. Recent examples of our work include:

  • I am Australian: Exploring Australian citizenship resource materials and student online learning activities developed for the Australian Government Department of Immigration and Citizenship
  • Learning from One Another: Bringing Muslim perspectives to Australian schools teacher resource developed in collaboration with the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies at Melbourne University.

The staff at ACSA have extensive experience in curriculum development across various subject areas. ACSA also has a network of specialist academics and consultants who are available to ensure rich and appropriate resources are developed. ACSA's curriculum development approach ensures that all products are developed in consultation with the teachers and students who will be using the material.

Professional learning

ACSA can manage, develop, and/or deliver professional learning programs or workshops for Australian teachers. ACSA's experienced facilitators can ensure that teachers have the knowledge and enthusiasm to use resources, content and appropriate pedagogy in their classrooms. Recently ACSA has developed and delivered:

  • Beyond Beliefs! teacher workshops across Australia for the Myer Foundation and in collaboration with Issues Deliberation Australia, exploring inter-faith issues and attracting over 400 teachers.
  • Learning from One Another and Education with Muslims workshops across Australia for primary and secondary teachers in collaboration with the National Centre of Excellence for Islamic Studies at Melbourne University.
  • StartSmart Financial Literacy professional development workshops for the Commonwealth Bank in all states and territories attracting 1200 participants over two years.

ACSA liaises with relevant education authorities to ensure the professional learning programs will be supported and relevant to any jurisdiction. All programs are evaluated to ensure ACSA continues to deliver appropriate professional services. ACSA would be delighted to share its knowledge and experience with you.

Event management

Let ACSA organise your next curriculum event!

Whether it be an after school workshop or a three day conference, ACSA can professionally and efficiently manage your event. Services include program development, facilitation services, advertising, venue hire and liaison, customised online registration facilities, delegate liaison, delegate satchels and nametags, travel bookings and project financial management. Recent examples include:

  • The National Values Education Forums and National Civics and Citizenship Education Conferences on behalf of the Australian Government.
  • The National Schools Constitutional Convention for students across Australia.
  • The Australian Education Ministers' First Biennial Forum, where the Melbourne Declaration was launched.
  • The National Early Childhood Stakeholder Roundtables on behalf of the Council of Australian Governments.


As an association committed to curriculum research, ACSA can help manage your project. ACSA works with academics from universities throughout Australia to produce relevant research across all curriculum areas. As well as developing quality publications on the findings, ACSA has managed a number of projects including:

  • Report on the quality and extent of the programs offered under the Parliamentary and Civics Education Rebate, for the Australian Government.
  • A strategic research project for the Australian Government's Indigenous Education Strategic Initiatives Programme resulting in What Works? Explorations in improving outcomes for Indigenous students.
  • Partnerships in Communication Technology Learning for the Australian Government.

For further information about our services contact ACSA today.