Contents of Primary and Middle Years Educator 2008


Primary and Middle Years Educator 2008
... focusing on issues and practical ideas relating to the primary and middle years of schooling

Volume 6, No. 1.
Jenny Nayler
Article One
Beyond Sustainability: Is social-ecological resilience the new conept for surviving the 21st century
Ms Neus (Snowy) Evans, Dr Margaret Gooch and Dr Hilary Whithouse
Article Two
Teaching Boys: Developing classroom practices that work
Amanda Keddie and Martin Mills
Article Three
Leaders: Acting to improve outcomes for Indigenous students
Paul Hughes, Gavin Kahn and Susan Mathews
Article Four
Pre-service teacher perceptions of professional teaching conferences
Sally Knipe, Sean Walker, Andrew Beavise, Erin McCabe and Courtney Mitchell
PaMYE Postcard
Postcard from Lima
Pamela Curtin

Volume 6, No. 2.
Tracey Chappell, Jenny Nayler
Article 1
Meeting curriculum challenges in special school: Embracing the early years curriculum
Jenny Norris
Article 2
School management concerning colaboration with social resources in the community: Its approaches and problems
Peter Davis
Article 3
Patience, perseverance and leadership in our school
Bruce Grigg
Article 4
Building success for special education
Sandra Marx
Article 5
Benefits of integrated/trans-disciplinary assessment tasks for students with intellectual impairments
Andrew Hawke
Article 6
Clifford Park Special School's Curriculum journey
Rachael Doole
Article 7
National curriculum and students with special learning needs: Will it be the 'same old same old' - playing tennis without a ball
Dr John Enchelmaier
Article 8
Getting serious about inclusive curriculum for special education
Tracey Chappell

Volume 6, No. 3.
Jenny Nayler
Article 1
Improving outcomes for educationally disadvantaged students
Maree Hedemann and Christine Ludwig
Article 2
Making a difference: Students as insiders to the assessment process
Sherrie Davis
Article 3
Curriculum literacies and explicitness: What does this mean in practice?
Christine Ludwig
Article 4
PaMYE Profile: Anjuli M Dillon
Anjuli M Dillon
Article 5
Learnings from the DEST project: Making a difference to a broader group of early years teachers' practices and student learning
Mary Neville
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Charters Towers - The World
Allan Georgee