About ACSA
Purpose and Vision

The Australian Curriculum Studies Association Incorporated (ACSA) was established in 1983 as a broadly based educational association supporting the professional interests of educators in curriculum work from all levels and sectors within and beyond Australia.

ACSA works to support educators so that all students have access to a meaningful, relevant and engaging curriculum. ACSA provides national advocacy and leadership in curriculum. It is committed to curriculum reform informed by the principles of social justice and equity and respect for the democratic rights of all.

ACSA achieves these goals through alliances and interaction with education groups and broader local and global community organisations. ACSA seeks to cooperate with teachers and schools, professional associations, governments and government agencies in order to pursue its goals. ACSA acts as an advocate for the profession in forums where education policy is shaped. It engages in research, innovation, policy development, critique and dissemination of curriculum ideas.

Through membership of the Australian Curriculum Studies Association you are a part of a group which:

  • Provides curriculum leadership across the nation
  • Engages in curriculum research
  • Encourages critical and reflective curriculum practice
  • Provides forums for the exchange of information on curriculum developments
  • Develops and publishes curriculum resources and materials
  • Conducts a biennial conference and biennial curriculum symposium
  • Sponsors the Garth Boomer Memorial Award and Lecture.

Read the ACSA Principles for Australian Curriculum developed in 2009.