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Pre conference - Emerging Leaders Forum


Free to all ACSA members whether attending the 2017 conference or not!
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Wednesday 4 October 2017
.00am - 2.00pm

SHORE, Sydney Church of England Grammar School
Blue St, North Sydney, NSW

ACSA is excited to announce the launch of a new signature program for educational leaders who influence student agency and wellbeing, and the professional growth of peers within and beyond their school. We call these amazing leaders middle leaders. This program is facilitated by nationally recognised researchers and practitioners in the field of educational leadership, pedagogy and change and seeds the community of practice that will flourish over the following year both online and face to face. The program introduces a frame for learning about leadership and strategies for gathering information about experiences, ideas and aspirations to reflect and build upon over time.

This tailored program will combine masterclasses, small group and individual activities. Join Bron Stuckey, Cameron Paterson, Jenny Lewis and Dan Haesler who will facilitate your learning time around:

Leading Communities of Practice in Innovative Learning Spaces - Bron Stuckey

Communities of practice have become a cornerstone of the knowledge strategy of leading organizations. Yet understanding how these largely informal, voluntary, and self-organizing communities actually work still presents a challenge for most organizations. Join Bron as she takes you on a guided journey through networked learning spaces and virtual worlds to learn how to cultivate identity, agency, citizenship, leadership and community for students and teachers.

Quick Team Sprint - Creating my awesome learning journey

Building a School Culture to Assure Student Achievement - Dan Haesler

Teaching is both a passionate and challenging profession in which there are many cultural, ethical, and sociological issues. Participants will examine the practices of schools in which leaders and staff are committed to building environments in which all students achieve. Dan will guide participants to reflect on their current leadership opportunities and develop a blueprint for implementing successful school improvement. The process of self-examination and reflection is modeled.

Quick Team Sprint - Leading for success

Creating a Culture of Innovation - Cameron Paterson

Creating a culture of innovation is key to effective schools. So how can middle leaders build staff capacity and restructure professional development to ensure that all educators are well equipped to cater for the needs of students in today's complex and ever changing world? This presentation explores practical strategies of how to build a culture of innovation, through teacher led programs which develop the competencies of lifelong learning for both students and educators. Learn how teachers are creating `Big Idea' projects with explicit links to the 21st Century skills, and building staff capacity across the campus and the global community.

Quick Team Sprint - Leading Innovation for Learning

Leading from the Middle - Jenny Lewis

Leading from middle is about freedom and democracy, teamwork, and leadership. Leading from the middle comes from the philosophical premise that the best work places empower staff to achieve their full potential for the common good. For many middle leaders it is about creating the conditions for effective teaching and learning, curriculum implementation and assessment. Responsibilities may include exploring and promoting the use of technology and opening up new ways of learning, connecting and sharing, and developing leadership in others. Join Jenny as she focusses on the qualities, practices and activities that middle leaders need to lead in ways that build learning across their schools and take time to reflect confirm your own leadership journey.

Quick Team Sprint - Designing my Leadership Journey